Snail Mail Makes a Comeback

Mary Ann


November 30, 2020

Out of all the interesting items to come out of 2020, a snail mail resurgence is a surprising addition to the list. Yet the numbers don’t lie – handwritten cards and letters, and direct mail marketing, is making its way onto the board as an effective advertising tactic!

This year has created a large population of people eager to feel connected and striving for more personal communication, and they want that communication however they can get it. While digital is still the strongest contender from a paid media standpoint, sending out flyers or pamphlets will definitely catch some eyes when consumers check the mail.

I see this, however, as a great way to solidify brand loyalty with personalized (if possible) communication to your buyer list. A quick thank-you for a recent purchase, a note about an upcoming virtual event they might be interested in, even a holiday inspired card hand signed by an employee – all of these are great ways to show your consumers you not only care as a brand, but appreciate their patronage. Consumers remember these tokens of personalization and will respond strongly!

There’s still time to make a snail mail drop happen in time for the holidays, so I encourage you to start brainstorming and draft a great direct marketing plan that will leverage current consumer behaviors. Let me know what route you decide to take and how you’re tracking the results!


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