Media Trends I Like – QR Codes

Mary Ann


November 23, 2020

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are not a new phenomenon, but their potential during the era of COVID-19 has dramatically increased. As more brands and businesses are undertaking measures to keep consumers safe (digital menus in restaurants, connected packaging in stores, etc.), QR Codes have offered a route to connect to those same consumers with adaptive and flexible messaging systems. 

In a previous era long, long ago – before 2020 – QR Codes were typically used to drive traffic to a static landing page with information about the product or service being offered. Well, as we all know courtesy of the pandemic, brands/businesses had to start thinking outside the box for ways to keep messaging consistent, up-to-date with the myriad of behaviors, and purpose-driven. 

QR Codes provide an opportunity for real-time consumer interaction and extremely flexible creative/messaging changes without having to reprint entire packaging or publications.

Think of it like this: rather than sending a QR Code user to a landing page about your company, you can instead send them to a page discussing how you’re handling hot-button topics like recyclable packaging, or how your product is ethically produced. Direct shoppers to a recipe, or a page on how to use your service/product, or even to an interactive game. 

Beyond all of this is the ability for QR codes to acclimate to a new level of social distancing and health/safety concerns. While in-person shopping may still be happening, consumers are still hyper aware of what they touch, how they handle interactions, and what businesses/brands are doing to mitigate pitfalls. QR Codes allow them to still access a plethora of information digitally – everyone keeps their phone on them, and now they just need to scan and browse without handling items directly.

Last, but absolutely in no way least, are the data implications. QR Codes provide information to brands that further your marketing and media strategy; conversions, locations, unique users, page tracking, session durations – tons of metrics that inform your plan and provide insight into consumer behaviors.

Have I sold you yet? Drop a line if I’ve made a converter out of you. And for those who aren’t quite sure what QR Codes are or how they work, check out this article for a full breakdown.


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