Mosaic Media is a collection of media buying experts and creative strategists who negotiate, purchase, and monitor advertising space and airtime with the experience to meet all your campaign needs, freeing you up to focus on developing the creative and strategy of your clients’ message.

Flexible and unobtrusive, we are available to assist at whatever level is most comfortable for you. Talented and experienced, we will provide regional or national buying plans that will maximize the effectiveness of the message being placed and the savings to your media budget.


Why Work with Us?


First, our honesty and integrity provide a transparent collaborative process that you can trust. We will explain our placement strategies before they are implemented, and provide full reporting afterward to show their effectiveness.

Secondly, our involvement in your campaigns is only as visible to your client as you wish. You can tout us as your media buying resource or we can be remain behind the scenes as a purely invisible partner.


Our leadership spent years in media sales, breaking regional and national sales records. More importantly, this internal experience provided crucial knowledge of how to motivate media channels to offer their most competitive rates and most effectual frequency schedules and placement locations.

Since moving to the buying side of media placement, we have acquired extensive experience buying and placing nationwide media on all platforms.

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We seek only positive, mutually-beneficial partnerships without conflict or contention. We only want the work you are comfortable taking off your plate.

Mosaic Media can take on as little or as much of your media buying responsibilities as you consider appropriate, and can even provide training for your own staff to improve your internal media buying processes.


Using Mosaic Media to place your campaign media frees up more time and resources for you to focus more directly on the creative elements of the campaign (the fun stuff!).

Keeping your team dedicated to content creation and unencumbered with the mechanics of its distribution will ensure a higher quality product and a happier client.


Upon assuming the media buying functions from other agencies, our nationally-recognized media buyers have found cost savings unfailingly — and often quite dramatically. With Mosaic Media handling your media buying, you can confidently expect more impressions for a lower cost… enabling you to reduce your media budget or use the leaner prices to extend your clients’ message even further.