Mosaic Media Partnerships

With the Strata Platform, plan, activate and optimize all of your campaigns across media types in one centralized location. Strata’s single-hosted platform and open integration model means we can dynamically manage your media in the way that’s best for you.

Basis is the only DSP united with search, social, and site direct via a single interface. Basis DSP grants access to an entire programmatic universe of inventory, audiences, and data sets—plus the ability to plan, buy, and manage campaigns.

iHeartMedia’s impressive digital assets include thousands of station and show websites, with millions of users, fans, and followers across social media. iHeartMedia utilizes these unique digital assets with massive reach to create innovative campaigns and programs for key advertising and marketing partners.

The first and second most-visited websites on the internet, Google and YouTube offer unparalleled advertising opportunities for marketers to reach large yet highly-targeted audiences and then provide detailed reporting on each ad and campaign’s performance.

Facebook has free tools like posts and stories to help you communicate with your audience and establish a relationship with your followers. But their paid ad services feature many powerful tools for targeting audiences and spreading your message dynamically to potential customers. It is at the forefront of AR/VR and caters to a multitude of demos with different options to suit just about any campaign.

We have a full technology stack dedicated to competitor analysis, market research, and social listening. Some of our tools include SimilarWeb and SpyFu. We utilize these A.I. driven tools at the outset of every campaign, to ensure our clients have a leg up on the competition.

We Go The Extra Mile

We understand the power of reaching the right audience with tailored messages at the perfect moment. Through meticulous data analysis, market research, and leveraging advanced tools, we identify and engage with the most receptive target segments. Our team’s dedication to precision targeting ensures that our clients’ campaigns are optimized for maximum impact, delivering measurable results and driving business growth in today’s competitive landscape. We pull together to develop comprehensive strategies and execute campaigns that surpass expectations.