2020 in Review

Mary Ann


December 14, 2020

Flexibility has been a driving component of 2020 media strategies as we all work to navigate the difficulties brought on by lockdown orders or an ever-changing array of advertising outlets. I’ve always pushed my team to be prepared rather than reactive, and that approach will continue to have a primary role in my work for 2021. The challenges brought on this year have altered consumer behavior across the country, and looking back on this year shines a spotlight on a few key driving factors for media planning for next year.

Digital must have a seat at the table.

An entire country being forced to stay home as much as they have this year has led to a huge burst of digital consumption across the board, and I know that won’t be changing anytime soon. Between social, programmatic, streaming video, geofencing, and a plethora of other outlets available now, digital really has to be an integral part of your media strategy moving forward. If you’re not online, you’re likely not top-of-mind.

Consumers want it to be easy.

From B2B to retail, consumers want the interaction and choice to be an easy process. They want to be able to shop from Google, Instagram, or Shopify with the click of a button; they want to communicate and receive instant results; and they want to find information quickly. I’ll admit that this is an extension of the digital necessity since most of the easy/instant gratification takes place in the digital realm since, well, that’s where consumers exist at the moment.

Competition is fierce.

You probably know this already, but the number of advertisers fighting for your target persona’s attention is higher now than ever before. Creating an integrating marketing strategy that includes your brand’s voice and purpose across paid media will be critical in earning and owning that audience.


2020 has left us with a laundry list of items to learn from, but these three stand out to me as the most decisive moves to make for a successful 2021. I’d love to hear your thoughts – anything I missed or feedback on the ones I’ve included? Send over an email and let me know what you think!


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