Repurpose Your Marketing Content for Multiple Channels

Mary Ann Pruitt CEO of Mosaic Media

August 16, 2021

Relying on one platform or channel to reach your audience is guaranteed to be an unsuccessful strategy. However, generating unique content for each medium can be highly inefficient. With that in mind, how can you efficiently spread your message across a variety of channels? The solution is repurposing your marketing content to be carefully placed through each channel.

What are other benefits to repurposing content?

Beyond preventing the burnout of trying to create original content for each format, there are additional benefits to repurposing existing content. You will attract new audiences by reaching out to your targets in different ways, building brand reach with people who would have otherwise missed your content on a single format. It will reinforce your message for users and viewers who encounter it in different places, reminding them of the message and accelerating the conversion process.  Also, a lot of content on a particular topic will improve organic visibility, boosting your SEO and driving more traffic to your website. And by placing your content in multiple areas, you will increase the opportunity for your audience to engage and contribute new insights on the topic you’re presenting.

What are some ways to repurpose my marketing content?

  • Repost visual content – with a little formatting for each channel, post photos and visuals to image-centric social media like Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards, and video content to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Stories, and more.
  • Flesh out listicles into individual posts – got an article with multiple points? Expand each one into a deeper dive on the topic at hand.
  • Compile FAQ into a blog post – with info from your sales team, you can explain and answer the questions most often received from clients and prospects.
  • Present useful data as an infographic – with a little design talent, you can convert useful research into an infographic that’s more eye-catching and digestible than the raw data.
  • Convert social media posts into blog posts – if a topic gets good engagement with your social media followers, chances are that expanding the idea would make a compelling entry for your blog readers.
  • Update older posts with fresh data – as your services expand, technologies improve, and product selection multiplies, look back at older posts that can be refreshed and reposted with new details.

Effectively marketing to your target audience means reaching them in different ways, through multiple marketing mediums. Repurposing existing content to place on other platforms is an efficient and effective way to spread your message, grow your audience, and build your brand.

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