The Newest AI Innovations in Media Marketing

Mary Ann


September 28, 2020

The media world is constantly fluctuating and introducing new formats of reaching the target audience, particularly in the digital realm. I’m always on the lookout for what groundbreaking opportunities are available for my clients to utilize, and I’m always tracking the results our clients are achieving so I can understand what’s working right now. 

A “current trend” on my radar is the success and opportunity afforded in remarketing (retargeting) ads. This tactic isn’t some new, fancy phenomenon, yet it’s not widely accepted across the board. Why not? Based on my clients that do employ remarketing ads, coupled with research and case studies from external sources, they’re an incredible opportunity to increase ROI and decrease CPA.

Remarketing is successful due to its highly relevant content and personalized user experience.

Remarketing ads target users who have looked at specific products or who have visited specific types of web pages with ads relevant to that product/search/page. You can optimize remarketing capabilities through Google, email, Facebook, Bing, programmatic, OTT, and so many more tactics.

We all know it can be difficult to encourage users, especially purchasers, down the funnel. Remarketing ads remind users of products/content they’re already interested in and entice them to return to the page to take action.

There are some key contributors to the success of these ads, like ad creative and user-friendly landing pages. If you’re looking for a way to boost your current media plan, I highly recommend taking a long hard look at this particular outlet.


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