Media Planning in a(n overly-simplified) Nutshell

Mary Ann


September 14, 2020

Our primary function at Mosaic Media is planning, negotiating, buying, and managing media placement for our roster of clients. While the entire process is time intensive and complex, the planning portion seems to be the most mysterious to the businesses and agencies we partner with. It would be an unnecessarily long endeavor to dive into each and every step, but here is a brief overview of how I and my team tackle planning a media strategy.

  1. Who are you?

Bluntly put, we need to know who you are and what your goals are. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a brand awareness campaign or a conversion campaign drastically changes our recommendations. Same for target demographics, product/service you’re selling, desired geographical coverage, current/past media tactics, etc. This is usually done through a media brief provided to you by my team. Fill it out, email it back, and we get to work.

  1. Budget + Timeline

Perhaps as, if not more, important as the media brief is your target budget for the entirety of media placement. We use the monetary and time constraints to manipulate a strategy tailored to meet your media brief answers with as much of an impact as possible.

  1. Research

This is the behind-the-scenes step that incorporates all of the information you’ve provided us into our extensive database and experience in media. We examine and research the desired market, consider all possible traditional and digital tactics, read up on your target audience’s current consumption habits, get rates….it’s a lot to handle, but it has become second nature to our media team.

  1. Plan + Present

Once we have all the information sought after in the step above, we start planning your media strategy. Selling agricultural products? You’ll likely see radio and print tactics based on that target demo. Interested in reaching Gen Z? A lot of digital is heading your way. We organize our thoughts into an easy-to-digest presentation and walk you through it step by step.

  1. Place + Manage

Once your final media strategy has been approved, we go back to all those vendors we originally contacted to place your media buy. We negotiate for better rates and value added, ensure your budget goes as far as we can possibly stretch it, and then handle all the daily tasks to make sure it’s running properly.

I hope this takes away some of the mystery that comes with working with a media agency. As always, the Mosaic Team and I are always available to answer any questions you may have!


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