Media Tips for Specific Industries

Mary Ann



November 15, 2021

Ultimately, a good media strategy is customized to each client’s needs, and even around the details of each individual campaign. That being said, what are some general tips to keep in mind when crafting media plans for clients in specific industries?

Here I’ll provide some ideas on how to reach the unique consumers of a few different business types.


Travel and Tourism

The target audience for this sector will want to see lots of visuals of where they’ll be going. These brands should rely heavily on media that offers the best chance to present compelling images and especially video of available destinations. When it comes to digital platforms, the average CPC for the travel and hospitality sector on Facebook is one of the least expensive, much cheaper than Google which has a CPC over double that of Facebook. And you want to put a lot of effort into curating your presence on review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, responding to all reviews, positive or negative.

Food Service

It’s important to have a strong presence on multiple social media platforms, and to include content that highlights not just the food, but your menus and the restaurant ambience and atmosphere. You can schedule your posts to be shared around mealtimes, reaching consumers at the peak of their potential interest. Encourage check-ins and reviews, especially with special deals, giveaways, and contests. Quick-service and fast-casual restaurants benefit from careful out-of-home media placement that helps to drive (literal) traffic to their doors.

Gyms and Health Clubs

The best tip for this sector is to target consumers who are new to the community. Finding a new gym or health club ranks very high on surveys of what new arrivals search for when moving to a new home, and these new movers to a neighborhood are 5 times more likely than long-time residents to become loyal customers. It’s a good idea to find local platforms or publications that serve as ‘welcome to the community’ resources, or even partner with local realtors to help target new homebuyers and offer steep new-member discounts and introductory offers.


Despite all the ads you may have seen for ‘buy a car online’ companies and services, 95% of car sales are still made at the dealership. But searching online is the first place people go to begin their buyer’s journey, making SEO very important for this sector to keep your information at the top of their search results. When offering a range of different cars, audience targeting becomes more important. Mercedes buyers and Honda buyers are in different demographics and will need to be reached in separate ways. Remarketing is also a critical element for this sector, with so much comparison shopping being done. Reminding your leads with compelling remarketing ads is a great way to keep them from falling out of the funnel.


Every media plan is an individual creation, with specific details that customize it for the current conditions and marketing needs. But the insights above can help guide the overall style of a given media strategy, based on the industry of the brand or client.


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