Telling Your Stories with Google & Instagram

Mary Ann



June 13, 2022

Short video clips can be a very effective element of your content marketing. Instagram has a Story feature, and Google offers its own Web Story option. While the two are similar, there are notable differences and each has its own benefits and best practices.

What are the differences between Google and Instagram Stories, and how can each be used to share a brand message in a visualized, engaging way?


Time Limits

Instagram Stories can only remain visible on your profile for 24 hours after posting. Though once that time period has expired, you may reupload them. Google Web Stories can remain visible and active for as long as you like.

Platform Visibility

While Instagram Stories will only appear on the Instagram platform, Google Web Stories (formerly known as AMP Stories) may appear in standard Google search results, as carousels in Google Discover, and can be set as elements of your own website, which you can then link to from your other social media channels or embed into YouTube videos and elsewhere.

Instagram Stories can be viewed on any device, but they are most suited for mobile, as the Instagram platform was designed for. Google Web Stories can be customized for any device you choose, and you can produce different versions of your web stories to best fit different devices.

Ease of Production

It’s quite easy to create Instagram Stories directly through the app on your phone, while Google Web Stories are a little more complicated. While they give you more freedom and a wider platform exposure, Google Web Stories require a bit more effort and skill to look professional and compelling, particularly when you’re designing the stories to appear on different devices and platforms.


Instagram Stories can be a great way to gain a new audience through fun, bite-sized, easy to understand video clips that contain links to drive viewers to your website. And with the quick production time, Instagram Stories can be a great testing ground if you’re still searching for your own style of brand storytelling.

Google Web Stories can be thought of as more robust and weighty content that can improve your online presence as well as your SEO ranking. Spread your message with a Google Web Story to tell a more in-depth tale about your brand with quality video, interactive elements, animations, and text blocks. While much more time-intensive to produce, a carefully designed web story has the potential to be much more engaging than even a high-quality blog post.

If running a content-based marketing campaign, you need to make good use of both Google Web Stories and Instagram Stories. When comparing the use of Instagram Stories vs Google Web Stories, try to focus on the functionality and benefits your (or your client’s) brand message needs the most, and whenever possible… use both!


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