TOURISM: Guiding a Community Interest Rebound

CHALLENGE: Increase tourism and stimulate local business in a California county
  • Over a 10 year period, one county in California experienced consistent travel related economic growth resulting in a 34% increase in direct travel spending. The COVID-19 pandemic erased that decade of growth.
  • The county’s tourism board approached us with the task of revitalizing their marketing approach to reignite public interest. They recognized the necessity of engaging a team capable of providing comprehensive digital strategy and execution beyond the confines of social media. Our collaboration aimed to not only meet but exceed this challenge, contributing to the resurgence of awareness and engagement.
  • Restore and grow the demand for the local area and destination partners.
  • Increase awareness of these target regions as destinations for outdoor lovers, families and those looking for events, shopping, food lovers and culture.
  • Establish a way to measure if ad spend is leading to an increase in travel into the area.
  • Based on the client’s research, they had their audiences broken out into three core demos that our team could further break down using digital strategies:
    Outdoor Lovers: looking for activities in hiking, beach, biking, etc.
    Family: looking for kid friendly activities for the entire family.
    Good Vibe Seekers: looking for events, shopping, food, wine, beer, beach, arts and culture.
  • The client had strong creative with enticing imagery to highlight the different things our audiences could do within the area, this included audio, video, and images.
  • They needed newer digital tactics to help them push these messages out – and they needed to be measurable.
  • The pandemic had changed consumer behavior and increased digital consumption. Our research and experience told us that we could use precision targeting to reach our exact demos with their behaviors in specific target markets.
  • With programmatic placement directly through our DSP we would have the capabilities to push messages directly to our target audience within their homes and on their mobile devices.
  • These tactics also allow us to measure how these ads perform with our audience and allow us to integrate unique tracking capabilities based on mobile IDs.
  • We could layer in blueprinting on our ads to track mobile IDs that have interacted with an ad to see if they enter a geographic area that we outline to give us the KPI: Visits.
  • Add in additional programmatic ad placement to draw in more tourism or visits into the target regions.
  • Programmatic would allow us to connect with our audience while they watch their favorite shows, or while browsing online.
  • Adding in blueprinting would also allow us to report on visits and allow us to have a measure of economic impact in the area.
    • Using a multi-pronged strategy that combined both traditional and digital ads, our team got to work. We set up the following to highly targeted consumer personas:
      CTV/OTT Video Streaming ads
      Banner display with retargeting
      Video pre-roll ads
  • Not only were standard reporting metrics out of the park due to targeting the right audience, but we were able to report great results from the visits due to blueprinting.
    • We had over 49,000,000 impressions and exceeded our benchmarks:
      Programmatic Display: 0.32% (benchmark 0.10%)
      Programmatic PreRoll: 0.40% (benchmark 0.20%)
  • Blueprinting Visitors Per Month: 15,000
  • CPV (Cost Per Visit): $2.05

We Go The Extra Mile

We understand the power of reaching the right audience with tailored messages at the perfect moment. Through meticulous data analysis, market research, and leveraging advanced tools, we identify and engage with the most receptive target segments. Our team’s dedication to precision targeting ensures that our clients’ campaigns are optimized for maximum impact, delivering measurable results and driving business growth in today’s competitive landscape. We pull together to develop comprehensive strategies and execute campaigns that surpass expectations.