Franchise: Revitalizing Interest for a Well-Known Brand

CHALLENGE: Increase sales with more foot traffic
  • With multiple locations, a local chain of QSR franchises had been seeing a decline in foot traffic and as a results, a decline in overall sales numbers.
  • The challenge we faced was to help increase awareness of their different products throughout the market and to help entice new and repeat customers back to the stores.
  • Increase awareness of the many different delicious products available.
  • Maintain a consistent message throughout different channels at all times during the year.
  • Increase foot traffic to the stores – which would lead to an increase in sales.
  • This client is a major brand with a lot of success and brand recognition, but they had focused almost entirely on traditional mediums to get their name out.
  • Based on the Sandelman Report (a report that runs surveys in key markets for QSRs) other QSR brands such as McDonalds were outperforming our client in digital tactics.
  • To increase awareness and continue competing with other QSRs, our client needed to start reaching their consumer base on digital tactics and shift away from being traditional only.


  • Consumers were shifting to consuming more content online, which meant our client also had to start being online.
  • Traditional placement, such as Radio still had a place, but it needed to be consolidated to only certain dayparts (drive times) as this market still had a dependency on this medium.
  • With a push to digital, we could target demos more precisely by reaching specific personas with built out interests and behaviors as opposed to only an age demo. This also allowed us to target and reach people who are thinking about food or are interested in a quick meal for them and/or their families.


  • Shift budget away from traditional to programmatic tactics to reach consumers in their homes, vehicles, and daily mobile devices.
  • Programmatic would also allow us to have multiple messages with different products to entice consumers to come into a store.
  • While sales data was handled internally, the Mosaic team implemented blueprinting to each of the stores to track when an ad led to a direct conversion or store visit.


  • Using an omni-channel approach we shifted budget to add in CTV, PreRoll, Streaming Audio and layered in blueprinting to complement a radio buy that was consolidated to drive times.
  • The campaign was a success and led to continued budget shifts towards more digital throughout the last few years.
  • Within the campaign, across different tactics we saw a combined 11,670,916 impressions, 10,144 Clicks, 3,058 Conversions (Store Visits), and a $16.85 Cost Per Conversion
  • These conversions allowed the client to see direct results of the ads as they drove increased traffic to stores.


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