RESTAURANT: Grand Opening Campaign

CHALLENGE: Promote the Grand Opening of a New Restaurant
  • One national restaurant chain embarked on a venture to establish its presence in a new market with the goal of executing a compelling grand opening.
  • Despite budgetary constraints limiting the potential for an extensive paid media push, the initiative was fortified by substantial corporate support in the form of earned media assistance.
  • Originally slated to open amid the challenges of the pandemic, the launch strategy underwent strategic adjustments, leading to a rescheduled and optimized opening in the summer of 2022.
  • This deliberate shift in the timeline allowed the client to capitalize on a more favorable market environment, ensuring a robust and impactful debut in the new location.
  • Foster widespread awareness within the target market about the impending arrival of the new restaurant, employing a multifaceted approach that engages various channels and communities.
  • Develop and implement a dynamic paid media strategy meticulously crafted to not only generate buzz but to cultivate heightened anticipation surrounding the restaurant’s grand opening in the new market.
  • The client is a chain restaurant opening in a new location that had no awareness of them.
  • Using paid media in combination with earned media to get the word out of the new opening.
  • With limited budget we could focus on a strong push a month before the Grand Opening. This would allow us to negotiate strong deals with local stations and support digital efforts with social and programmatic.
  • The client would have a landing page for the new location ready for us to drive traffic and awareness to.
  • We utilized top-rated local stations with promos from well-known personalities and incorporated live radio remotes on the Grand Opening day, featuring DJs to hype up the location on air.
  • Social ads and programmatic display ads were implemented to help drive impressions and traffic.
  • One print pub was used due to high circulation among the military base that was close to the location.
  • The Grand Opening, overcoming pandemic-induced delays, was a resounding success, drawing high foot traffic with eager customers lining up for entry.
  • Radio remotes featuring live DJs and pre-opening promos created a dynamic buzz around the event. The combined radio stations delivered 207 on-air spots with a compelling frequency of 4.1 within our target demographic.
  • Complementing earned media, the digital campaign achieved over 250,000 impressions, expanding the brand’s digital footprint.
  • The military base’s print publication, reaching 14,000 homes, provided additional tangible support, enhancing the Grand Opening’s local impact.

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