Back to (home)School

Mary Ann Pruitt CEO of Mosaic MediaAugust 3, 2020

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has thrown much of retailers’ 2020 marketing & advertising strategy out the window. With restrictions being relaxed or reimplemented, or re-everything depending on where you’re located, the school year is also in flux by association. In fact, I’ve seen advertising budgets drop by almost 50% compared to this Back to School season in previous years.

Since so many B2C brands depend on this time of year for peak sales, just how should you react in response to almost no rush for those school supplies?

back to school 2020First and foremost, if COVID-19 has taught us anything at all it’s the need for a virtual storefront. That omni-channel advertising technique really is your best friend here; consumers can browse online, see their favorite products in store, pick it up curbside, have it delivered. Just because physical schools may see a decrease in attendance by mandate or cautious parents doesn’t mean students don’t need their school supplies, new clothes (growth spurts happen with or without COVID-19), new gadgets, etc. Make sure your items are available for digital purchase and home delivery, though!

A lot of parents are changing tactics to homeschooling or distance learning – cater to their needs! You’re about to have a LOT of parents who realize whiteboards are going to be their best friend. Or comfier clothes to handle the stress. Or lots and lots of crayons so they can take a break.

Take a minute to think about who now needs the supplies, and why their needs could be different than years past. Adjust your message accordingly.

Finally, consider the spaces these parents and their new homeschooling journey might exist. YouTube channels, Facebook Groups, learning sites, blogs…digital advertising will definitely be your friend.

I’ll be visiting this topic again soon as I cover Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the changes we’ll be facing in the advertising industry on that front!

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