Media Trends I Like – Outstream Video

Mary Ann Pruitt CEO of Mosaic MediaJuly 16, 2020

Since you’re currently reading this in a digital space, I’ll assume you’re a knowledgeable digital user. You have social media, you get emails, search for things online, probably even consume entertainment via digital methods.  As someone savvy with digital, you’ll also know what I’m talking about when I refer to instream video.

Instream video is the traditional video advertising method where an ad will play before, during, or after video content. If you weren’t aware, video is one of (if not the) most engaging ways users consume advertising. As such, advertisers who wanted to take advantage of this were confined to placing video ads in actual video content. In short, they were stuck using platforms like YouTube and had to compete for limited ad space.

Then along came outstream video.

Outstream video removes the previously necessary video content and allows video ads to be played in areas without said content. Instead, outstream video allows advertisers to place video ads in content like text articles. So now, rather than fighting for space on YouTube or similar platforms, we can look to ad space in editorial content on other highly trafficked sites like The Washington Post.

Outstream video ads are less intrusive to the user and have an expanded reach due to not relying on video platforms.

If you’d like to dive further into what outstream video really is and what it can do, check out this comprehensive overview from Giant Media. I’m also available to answer any questions on how outstream video can fit into your media plan or if it’s even a right fit for you!


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