The Future: Opt-In Data Collection

Mary Ann Pruitt CEO of Mosaic MediaJuly 1, 2020

An article I read on Adweek discussed a few different topics, but one that particularly caught my eye is how consumer data collection will eventually move toward opt-in practices. This process can stem from a multitude of factors; consumers are uncomfortable with the sheer amount of personal information being collected and used against them in advertising, brands are abusing the current system, and government policy is evolving to limit capabilities.

It might feel as though this eventual evolution will hinder your ability to effectively target your target demographic.  Your ‘pool’ of potential customers/clients will drastically shrink as the majority choose privacy, which means fewer leads or conversions.

I beg to differ.

It is true that your digital advertising will no longer reach the sheer quantity of users when this opt-in factor is provided. However, the quality of users will increase significantly. You will have access to the data of consumers who want to be reached with your message, who are willing to be enticed and who are considering your product/service already. Your digital advertising dollars will no longer be spent on impressions given to users who are uninterested or inundated with information.

I know you may still be concerned about losing broad-stroke target capabilities with your digital campaigns. Rather than focus on what you’re losing, I encourage you to instead consider the benefits of opt-in data collection and what it will provide your business and brands. We’re still not at this point, so there’s time to be flexible and make adjustments to your targeting strategy in preparation for the eventual outcome.

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