EDUCATION: Inspiring Record Engagement

CHALLENGE: Leveraging a Smaller Budget to Differentiate Engagement Opportunities
  • One college faced the challenge of needing to leverage a smaller budget than its competitors to differentiate its engagement opportunities beyond traditional offerings.

The primary objectives were twofold:

  • Effectively utilize a smaller budget to create engaging opportunities that set the college apart.
  • Target a diverse audience, including 17-21 year olds and underemployed individuals, showcasing the value of both traditional college courses and the technical training program..

Hispanic Population Focus:

  • Given the large Hispanic population in the area, over half of the advertising was directed towards Spanish speakers.
  • Utilized popular radio stations and Spanish language TV stations, catering to both younger and 25-34 age groups.

English Language Strategy:

  • Segmented the English-speaking audience based on age groups and interests.
  • Engaged younger listeners through specific radio channels and older demographics through rock, sports, and country stations.
  • TV advertisements were strategically placed during news segments and late-night talk shows.
  • Leveraged advertorials in local digital newspapers, highlighting various professional training courses.
  • Our research revealed the importance of tailoring the marketing strategy to the cultural and linguistic preferences of the target audience. Recognizing the diversity within the community allowed for a more effective outreach, all while working within the constraints of a smaller budget.

Strategic Budget Allocation:

  • Employed a targeted approach to digital tactics to reach cord-cutters, including streaming TV platforms like Hulu.
  • Utilized streaming audio platforms such as Pandora and Spotify to reach a tech-savvy audience.

Community Engagement with Limited Resources:

  • Negotiated cost-effective radio remotes to connect the school with the community.
  • Collaborated with popular local radio DJs to promote enrollment and other events throughout the year.

The implemented strategy yielded significant results:

  • Media Coverage on a Budget:
    One of the local newspapers recognized the school as a ‘Readers Choice’ for one of its programs, generating positive print coverage at no additional cost.
  • Efficient Enrollment Success:
    Recorded the highest-ever traditional enrollment numbers during the media-buying period, effectively leveraging the limited budget.

The success of the campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of a targeted, cost-efficient, and multichannel approach in reaching diverse audiences. By strategically allocating resources and tailoring engagement opportunities, the college not only differentiated itself but also gained market share against larger competitors, achieving increased enrollment and positive recognition within the community. Ongoing efforts, such as radio remotes, helped maintain a strong connection with the target audience throughout the year, even with limited financial resources.

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